I'm Back...Again!

     Boy has it been awhile! So much has happened the last few months...mainly my back. As some of you know that I suffer from some extreme back issues and last year for some reason my pain level spiked for some unknown reason, which put my life into a complete mess. If you don't know or have not read my profile I have several back issues including, but definitely not limited to, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Sciatica. Last Fall, I started getting extreme sharp pain every time I even slightly bent over so I went to my Dr and after a CT scan it was discovered that when I fell two years ago I caused my disc on the right side to start over growing causing nerves to be pinched and all the new pain. So now I am waiting to see about getting some more epidural shots. BUT the most life stressing thing that happened was at the end of Nov I had a standard normal routine mammogram. A week later I got a call from the hospital that they needed me to come in for a 3D mammogram and possible ultrasound. I started to worry a little but was reinsured that this does happen a lot and turns out to be nothing. I went to my appt on Dec 8th. First was the 3D mammogram which I found out isn't that different from a regular mammogram. Still smash the heck out of the girls...well, actually just the right one. The Dr reviewed the results immediately to determine if the ultrasound was next. Twenty minutes later I was laying on a table having an ultrasound. It took awhile for the technician to find the spot in question...about 1 cm in size. She took several pics
which took about 20 minutes. She told me that she was going to talk to the Dr and see what he says. About 10 minutes later the technician and the Dr returned. He told me that the spot was very suspicious and NOT a cyst. He wanted to proceed with a biopsy, asked if I had any questions and left so I could get dressed. I instantly texted my husband, who had not come with me because of work issues, "They want to do a biopsy." I got dressed and started to walk out of the Mammography Imaging area. I called my Mom. She answered and before I could get the words "They want to do a biopsy" out of my mouth, I was in complete tears. She reassured me that everything will be ok and that we will tackle what comes when we know more. I headed home, found out where my husband was and walked up to him, hugged him and just cried. About 30 minutes later I was home getting some clothes together to wash when my phone rang...it was my PCP Dr. Nichols. He got the report from imaging. The Dr classified it as a Category 4- Highly Suspicious and of course wanted to do the biopsy. I have
NEVER gotten a personal call from my PCP concerning lab results this fast. When I hung up the phone I started crying again. The "C" word kept running through my head at every thought. There is nothing worse then having to tell, which I didn't want to do until there was something to worry about, my two boys what was going on. They are 26 and 25 so they completely understand. Two weeks later my husband and I went to my biopsy appt. A very long morning short...I didn't have the biopsy. The technician had a hard time again finding the mass with ultrasound, so another 3D mammogram was done right there and the Dr was less impressed with what he saw. He compared my films from 7 years ago and noticed that that same mass was there and there was absolutely no difference from 7 years ago. He conferred with the other Dr in imaging and he agreed too. Neither one of them felt the need to stick a very
large needle into my breast unless they were absolutely sure where and what they were getting a biopsy of. I totally agreed! I have an appt later this month for a follow up mammogram and ultrasound to see how things are going...if any change then we will go from there. I have absolutely no family history of breast cancer in my family and I also learned that on my father's side that the gene that is responsible for breast cancer doesn't even exist. THANK GOODNESS! The one thing I did get out of this is I learned that the second Dr I met, does epidural shots for not only regular patients but also doctors! He looked at my CT scan and explained exactly what is wrong with my back and showed me exactly where he would put the needles and pretty much promised me he could relieve me of some of my pain! So if I went through all this breast cancer scare to meet this Dr and to have him help me...then it was completely worth it. I hope to see him within the next month or two, insurance is being a pain in my back right now with making me jump through hoops!

So what has been going on in your life???

     I have joined back up with Stampin' Up! and could not be any happier! I am so excited about the new catalog and can't wait to share it with you on June 1st! I got a preorder of a few things and it is AMAZING!!! The new colors are to scream over and the way the new stamp pads open up are so much easier on my weak, arthritic hands. I will have samples popping up on my blog in the next few days for you to see.

     Well, I hope you are all doing good and life is treating you fair. If you have any questions about anything Stampin' Up! related feel free to contact me by clicking on the link HERE. Have a great day!!!




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