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Global Designer Project #92 - CASE The Designer Challenge

     Hello everyone! I know it has been a little bit since I last posted. I'm so sorry. Life has gotten the best of me lately and the temperature. I can't believe that yesterday it was 102f here in our little town of Snowflake. Very much a heatwave this week all over the West Coast. It was 120f in Phoenix! That's a little too hot for me. I am a strawberry-blonde, freckled, pale-skinned woman who doesn't do well in heat. Right now I wish it was Fall, my fave part of the year! What about you?      For you this week I have a new card that I created for the blog challenge over at Global Design Project . This week the challenge is CASE the Designer, in which you take some part of the card above and make it your own. Use the same stamp set, same layout, or the same's up to you. I decided to simply use the same layout that Steffi did. Here is my card...      I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I just die cut out a lot of the different flowers from the S

Global Designer Project #90 - Sketch Challenge

     Hello again! And welcome back to my blog. Well, yesterday my husband and I added to our purr family! Since we are Empty Nesters now and have been for a few years, we have been enjoying having our fur babies around. We had to go and do some shopping yesterday and needed to go to the pest store to get a couple things. When we walked in there was a gentleman standing by the door with a snake, which I am deathly afraid of, so I kind of quickly got passed him and headed to the back and that was when I saw them all...three little kittens. To make a long story short we ended up with a cute little gray and white boy. We did find out that his mother was killed by a coyote and the lady that found him and his brother bottle them for several weeks. What a rough start to your life.      Today I have a card for you from the new challenge over at the Global Design Project and it is a Sketch challenge. Here is the sketch:      It took me quite a few days to finally decide on which stamp

Global Design Project #89 - Color Challenge

      Hello again and welcome back to my blog! So sorry for not posting more this week, but it has been one heck of a week. It started with getting food poisoning Monday evening and then spending the night in the bathroom vomiting. Yuck! Then because of this the rest of the week I battled nausea and an upset stomach. What fun! I saw my doctor on Friday finally and he gave me some pills to help with my symptoms, but they make me very dizzy and sleepy so I take them only when needed. I did, however, manage to get my card done for Global Design Project and here it is.      This week on GDP it was a color challenge which is one of my faves! Here are the colors for this week.        I always start my color challenges by first grabbing all my DSP (Designer Series Paper) by Stampin' Up! and go through it while thinking about the colors we have to use. I finally settled with the paper from the Delightful Daisy pack, because it contains all the colors from the challenge, plus it is ju